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Asklepieia Health Cluster

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This establishment has chosen to work with us to provide you with a wide choice of health related services. Our focus is to make your stay in Greece comfortable, carefree and regenerating!



Welcome to Asklepieia Health Cluster!


We are a large scale cooperative network formed by experts in the Medical, Hospitality and Tech Industries, with a mission to make Greece the #1 destination of choice for Health Tourism.


Our main focus is to deliver a first class medical care to people visiting Greece from around the world.


Are you in Greece and in need to visit a doctor, arrange medical exams or even benefit from wellness services?
We are here to provide you with information and access to the healthcare providers that best fit your needs.



Emergency services


  ◉  24/7/365 primary care medical visits inside your hotel

  ◉  Specialty medical visits

  ◉  Safe and quick ambulance transport to hospitals

  ◉  Medical exams to nearby healthcare centers



Stay Healthy & Safe Hotels Athens



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